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Amit Ayalon Swimwear

Amit Ayalon designs a Luxury Collection of Swimwear consisting of two-piece, one-piece, suits and retro styles swimwear.

The collection is currently limited edition only.

Summer & Resort

Street Couture

Summer Beach & Reosrt styles

High End

Original Prints / Metallic fabrics

AA For Men

Amit Ayalon For Men

New Men's Wear Collection all designed with original prints.

This collection is Limited Edition Only.

The designs are made for the hipster, surfer, indie, rocker, free styler guy.

The materials used all for the purpose of comfort and high quality that lasts.

Amit Ayalon Evening Wear

My Sequins Story Collection is one of Amit's Evening Wear Collections now on sale.

The collection consists of several styles, mainly dresses, all one-offs in up to 20 gorgeous colours.

The Sequins are small and delicate, the fabric is stretch to allow for max comfort.

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